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Dr. Alfredo Jiménez
Dr. Alfredo Jiménez

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alfredo Jiménez

Dr. Alfredo Jiménez has a Master degree in Business Economics Research and a PhD in Business Management. He is currently Associate Professor at Kedge Business School in Bordeaux. Previously he was Associate Professor at the University of Burgos in Spain. His research interests are focused on the process and determinants of success in the internationalization strategy of firms. His current lines of research include the impact of institutional variables, political risk, cultural and psychic distance and corruption on foreign direct investments and entrepreneurship. He is also working on a research line devoted to virtual team and multi-cultural team management and dynamics. He has published several papers in international journals including the Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of World Business, Business and Society, International Business Review, Journal of Business Research Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Journal of International Management, Management International Review, and European Journal of International Management. He has also been a visiting scholar in different institutions in Norway, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Italy, Ecuador and Mexico, as well as participating in the X-Culture Project as a member of its Advisory Board and instructor. He is project reviewer for the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and for the Government of Ecuador and Poland.

Kim Warren
Kim Warren

Dr. Kim Warren

Kim is an experienced strategy professional, teacher and publisher of online courses and teaching resources on business modeling – fast becoming a main-stream capability for executives, consultants and business students.
After senior strategy roles in the petrochemicals, brewing, hotels and leisure industries, Kim joined the faculty at London Business School, to teach on MBA and Executive programs. Realising serious limitations with the strategy methods available, he developed the powerful strategy dynamics frameworks for designing and managing enterprise strategy. He went on to develop a practical and effective process for converting those frameworks into working, quantified models of any enterprise, function or challenge. Once a specialist skill, building these simulations is now easier, faster and more reliable than spreadsheet modeling.
Kim’s work on modeling business plans and issues over many years has spanned cases in most industries and regions of the world. The approach is now providing a reliable platform for building confidence and raising finance for early-stage ventures, as well as guiding week-to-week management of these fast-changing businesses.
Kim is author of the prize-winning Competitive Strategy Dynamics (Wiley, 2002), a major strategy textbook Strategic Management Dynamics (Wiley, 2008), and summary e-book now widely used in MBA and executive teaching – Strategy Dynamics Essentials (Kindle, 2011). He is also co-founder of Strategy Dynamics Ltd, which publishes "serious games" and other dynamics-related learning material for management, and the user-friendly modelling application, Sysdea.

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Director: Strategy Dynamics Ltd
Former President: The International System Dynamics Society
Adjunct Associate Professor: Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Visiting Professor: Vienna University of Economics and Business